How It Works

3 Easy Steps 

ZadCars does all the legwork- just tell us what car you’re looking for and we’ll take it from there.

STEP 1 – Contact Us 

Our professional agents will guide you through a short series of questions regarding the year, make and model of the vehicle your are interested in along with any other details that are important to your regarding your vehicle and the package that best fits your needs.

STEP 2 – We do all the leg work for you

Car Finder– we will locate the vehicle that matches your specifications

Expert Negotiations– we leverage our buying power and expertise in pricing and knowledge of manufacturer and dealership incentives.

Finding the best price – our agents will get at least three quotes from dealers in your area, and give you the best price.

Buy vs. Lease Analysis– we will help you decide by identifying the best financing or leasing options for the vehicles you’re    considering.

Trade-in Service – Our trade professionals shop your trade-in across many buyers to achieve the highest value for you.

Home or Office Delivery – Once you finalize your deal, we work with you to arrange pick up or delivery of new vehicle.

STEP 3 – Delivery or Pick up

Once you have accepted our best offer, we will complete the entire sale for you, this includes all the paperwork and the arrangement for delivery to your home or office or  pick up at your nearest dealer.

Which package is best for you?

Basic Service $350

Our Basic Service is for clients who know the vehicle they want and are paying cash or have already arranged financing. They simply desire the expertise of someone to handle the entire purchasing process. We understand your needs and work to find the exact new vehicle you desire.

Premium Service $550

Our Premium Service is perfect for clients who want more assistance. Not sure which vehicle is right for you? Do you wish you had a “car person” in your life to help you navigate the myriad of options? We can help narrow down the choices – and even help determine if a new car is a more cost-effective choice than used. From handling trade-in’s and lease returns to helping with financing options, if you need any of these services then the Premium Service is a perfect fit.

Luxury Service $998

Our Luxury Service is just that – luxurious! If you prefer the convenience of home or office delivery, our delivery specialists will bring your new vehicle direct to you. We’ll review your purchase, explain the paperwork and spend the time needed to ensure you’re comfortable with all the features of your new ride. We’ll even make sure your phone is synced for you!

Get Started 

Want additional features for your new vehicle at a great discount? Whether you want an extended warranty, LoJack, SafeLease, Perma Plate, or any cosmetic items, we’ll help with these purchases and save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in the process. These savings alone often pay for the Service Package.